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Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail

Post by Fraks561 on Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:58 pm

In a world called Heartland, there is a practice that is very special, the art of magic. There is two sorts of mage, normal mage and Clandestin. Clandestin mages are more rougue since have assasinations contracts. There is also many guilds but one stands out and that is the fairy tail. They are know for their destructive power and big stack of magic or "mana"

Natsu Dragnir: He is the fire dragon hunter. His magic is elemental, so he controls the fire element and can absorb flames to restore his energy. Natsu was raised by a dragon, which he was his mentor. He is a little nuckelhead but has a big value for friendship.

Lucy: She is a constellationiste. Here magic is to control astrological signs. She can summon the spirits of constallations, like the ram, lion, the eagle and so on thanks to the key of the zodiac.Lucy is a little lazy and innocent, but like all the fairy tail mages, friendship is important.

Grey fullbuster: He is a ice mage but his training was a little different. His master trained him with undergarments in very cold places.

Happy: Natsu found him in the state of an egg and name him happy because it brought him joy. It is a blue cat that can fly, talk and use magic.

Erza scarlette: She is the strongest mage of Fairy tail. She uses magic to change weapons and armor instantly and uses enchanted weapons and armor.
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