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One pièce in english

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One pièce in english

Post by Fraks561 on Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:43 pm

Ok first, I have no idea of what this is. I am only the translator for my friend derf. I don't know one pièce so i tried to translate his page, which is in french, and he writes so bad. I don't know if he will post the 500 episodes and counting but if he does, it will be in french and i'll probally make me post them in english. I hope not! I already have to update the bleach(363 ep) and naruto(200 ep) episodes and begin on naruto shippuden(289 ep and counting).

This is the story of a young boy named Luffy who has like dream to become the king of pirates. To fulfill his dream, he must find the one piece of the largest world treasure hidden by the Pirate King Gold D. Roger. That man, before he was killed, spoke his finals words; << My treasure? I'll let you have it. But you'll need to find it! I hidden it somewhere in the world. >> That is what created the biggest wave of piracy in the world.

Monkey D. Luffy: He is the captain of the straw hat pirates (reference to the hat he always carried with him). He ate the fruit of the devil, Gomu Gomu, Paramecia type which means that a man has elastic powers. 16 years old, Luffy is mostly unpredictable and always goes head on in a battle.

Rorronoa Zoro: He is the second member of the crew and did not eat a demon fruit, but uses his own techniques. This technique is special because he is the only one to can use it, called three swords. Zoro is known as the pirate hunter Zoro Rorronoa. Despite all he has become, he only has one dream, to become the best swordman in the world.

Nami (the cat thief): She is the third member of the crew and want to become richer by any means such as and make maps. Her dream is to make a map of the world. Nami is the navigator and is not really strong, but smart.

Usopp (pipo): He is the fourth member of the crew and is fonction is a gunslinger. Usopp is a engineer inventor but is easily afraid. His dream is to become a brave warrior, despite all his defaults.

Sanji: He is the fifth member of the crew. Sanji is a cook and fights only withhis legs because he said that a cook must keep his hands intact. He is also a pervert and will never hurt a girl.

Tony Tony Chopper: Chopper is the sixth member of the crew. He ate the fruit of the Hito Hito no human and became a deer. He helds the position of doctor and fights with the devil fruit type Zoan. It allows him to transform into semi deer or other forms being between a human and a deer.

Nico Robin (Demon of Ohara): She is the seventh to join the crew. She examines Poinéglyphes and is interested in archeology and history. Robin fights thanks to the power of devil fruit type paramecia Hana Hana no Mi which allows her to transform a part of her body to a solid material.

Franky (cuti-Flame): Franky is the eighth, and is a cyborgue.

Brook: He is the last member of the crew and the musician. He is a skeleton, he died more than 50 years ago but thanks to the demon fruit type paramecia, Yomi Yomi no Mi, which allows him to resurrect once but he found his body all boned.

Devil fruit: The fruit of the devil give you powers of three types. The first is paramécia, which modifies the body. The second type is loguia, that change a part of your body into an element of nature. And finally the type Zoan which allows you to transform into a animals dependent on the fruit but can also be a mixture between human and animal. Unfortunately, we do not know the origins of these fruits that taste rather awful and yet when you start to eat it, you can not stop.
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