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Downgrade mw3 from 1.22 to 1.21 for XP LOBBY'S !!!


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Downgrade mw3 from 1.22 to 1.21 for XP LOBBY'S !!!

Post by RedDot-3ND7355 on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:13 pm

As some of you may know, there are xp lobbies on MW3 and the most common way to get into one of these lobbies are to bypass the 1.22 update.

Most people have update there mw3 patch to 1.22 so ill tell you how to get off of that and back on to 1.21

Here we go:
*Note, do not start patch blocker until step 5

1) Download the elite mossy patch blocker ( look in forum )
*Note, if you have a different patch blocker your prefer, use that instead
2) Navigate to game data utility, open it, find MW3, press triangle and delete.

3) DO NOT START PATCH BLOCKER YET... Start up MW3. it will ask to install the update. Select OK and begin the install
4) You will notice it says it is on "1 of 4" wait for the download to get to "4 of 4"
when the download for number 4 begins, wait until about 12% of it is completed and press O (Circle) to cancel it. IT WILL ASK IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO IT SO SELECT YES FAST!

*Note open patch blocker but do not start it
5) Navigate to your network settings/internet connection settings, MUST SELECT CUSTOM, go through this like you normally would until you reach proxy, select use and enter what you have on your patch blocker program on your computer. (Port should be there already. ID is the ip address).

6) Continue with the setup posses until it ask you to save the settings. Start the patch bloker on your computer and select save settings on your ps3.

7)Start up MW3. and to find XP lobby's u must go in domination that is the most frequent gamemode with XP Very Happy



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